Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring MG Fantasy Covers: Infinite Variety

Last year around this time, middle-grade fantasy covers had a startling sameness to them: Lots and lots of backs and silhouettes, and not that many faces.

This year, the variety is huge. In fact, the only  identifiable “trend” is the time-honored “frame your story” technique. Okay, and a few backs. A couple of tornadoes. But also, there are faces! Goofy cartoons! Moody princesses, eerie time-tunnels. Cute doggies. Snarling wolves.

A bear with a teacup.

We decided to include as many covers as we could find with pub dates between January and June. That’s a lot of covers, so we’re splitting them into two posts. The second will run tomorrow.

In today’s edition, I admit to a soft spot for the tea-sipping bear. (It’s the raised pinky. Gets me every time.) What’s your favorite?

I was framed, I tell you!

Strange weather we’re having

Got Dramamine?

Time-travel also makes me a tad queasy

You’re not seriously thinking about going in there, are you? Because from back here it looks like you are.

This is cozy. Wait, what’s that noise?

Animals. They're grumpy, silly, cute, suckery…

... and downright nasty.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. So many gorgeous covers! I always have my eye open to guy appeal along with aesthetics, and with that in mind I'd have to say that John Flannagan's BROTHERBAND CHRONICLES and Richard Ungar's TIME SNATCHERS are my favorites, but CABINET OF EARTHS and MORPHEUS ROAD are strong, too.


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