Monday, December 3, 2012

Topic of the Week: Presents!

So the season of gift-giving is upon us, and with it, a potential conundrum for bookish types. While most of us love to give and receive books as gifts, the latter can be a problem, as many of us already have a to-be-read pile ready to collapse under its own weight. So what are the alternatives? I am here today with some suggestions for Inkie wish lists (or items for Inkies to share with like-minded friends and family).

And yes, this list is composed almost entirely of items from handmade goods site Etsy, because as much as I love my officially licensed Hufflepuff beanie, I love it more when individuals get their creativity on.

First, we have perhaps the most gentle transition from books to read – books to wear from Etsy seller TheFableTribe:

All the World, Magic -- Book Glamourkin Pendant

Or you could try this bag from seller CraftCulture to haul your books around in, while letting everyone know where your genre loyalty lies:

Canvas Tote Bag-Large Carry All Recycled Organic Tote- Fantasy-Definition-Typography-Word

If you want to get creature-specific, there are these beautiful, delicate fairy wing earrings from seller SihayaDesigns:

 Sidhe Wings Earrings - Experimental Wings in Aurora Duochrome - Iridescent Fairy Wing Earrings

Or you could go with these adorable studs from seller huiyitan. Because seriously – tiny dragons!:

 dragon earring studs in sterling silver, handmade in the UK by Huiyi Tan

If mermaids are your jam, you could go with this lovely cardigan from seller MartyMay:

Mermaid Cardigan

And finally, if you or your loved ones have a few grand lying around, you can go with a customized hobbit hole from Wooden Wonders:


 Any other ideas spring to mind Share in the comments!

Happy Christmakwanzakah, y'all!

Alison Ching


  1. Wonderful! I've fallen hard for those fairy wing earrings...

  2. I want the dragons.

  3. It's hard to choose! But I do love the dragon earrings.

  4. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's HoardDecember 4, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    Love the fairy wings earrings, and the dragons, and the hobbit hole...


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