Saturday, February 2, 2013

Selfish Shamelessness?

I love posting the bi-monthly shameless updates here at the Inkpot.  I really do.  I get to (a) keep track of everyone's good news and (b) sing their praises to the highest heights!  It's awesome.

But I do have a one problem with it: what to do when I have good news to share.

I've shared news before, but I usually tuck it into the bottom of the post.  I don't know, I just feel weird about it, you know?  Like it's not part of my job so sing my own praises.

That said, I'm slightly uncomfortable about announcing my own good news.  Especially when it's something cool like this.

TEN is a 2013 Top Ten Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, as chosen by ALA and YALSA.  I'm not used to making lists, so this is kind of new territory for me, so I'm kind of smiling from ear to ear.  I hope you'll forgive my self-promotion.

Enough about me.  How about a new cover for Jennifer Nielsen's THE FALSE PRINCE?

The paperback was released this past week with this amazing new cover. Book 2 of the series, THE RUNAWAY KING, will be released on March 1. Can't wait!

And we've got another amazing announcement!!! Amy Butler Greenfield is thrilled and honored to have fabulous new blurb for CHANTRESS (McElderry/S&S, May 2013) from one of her favorite writers:
“I simply loved it. It was a delicious journey into a fantasy world that mingles music, magic, altered British history, and romance.” (Cinda Chima, New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Realms Series and The Heir Chronicles)

How awesome is that?

So, a short Shameless week, but full of awesome. As they all are. :D


  1. That's totally awesome news! And it's not selfish, it's something to share with the whole world! Congrats!


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