Monday, June 3, 2013

Random Line Mix & Match - with prizes!

UPDATE: We have a winner - fire bringer! Congratulations. And everyone else can still test their book knowledge just for fun. :) The next mix-&-match will be July 8, so keep reading....

Below are six random(ish) lines from six Inkie books. Can you match each line with the book it belongs to? The first person to match them all correctly will get a signed copy of the book of their choice!

Ready... set...


1. It makes me wonder how dead people in the Underworld smell.

2. Couldn't he feel it? It was the smell of rocks beginning to lose their temper. It was the invisible sharpness in the air, right before a mountain gives way and becomes boulder and talus, screaming down the slope.
3. That's just a piece of silliness that people say, like thinking ruddy-haired folk bring thunderstorms when they snore.

4. Half blind with fright, writhing and flailing at the stone, from the depths of her terror she spoke her deepest word, her last resort, her heart's root. "Mama!" she screamed. "Mama, help!"

5. That sheep-faced, son of a leper whore!

6. An assassin's first murder is himself.  He kills the man he was.



  1. 1) Solstice
    2) A Box of Gargoyles
    3) Ghoulish Song
    4) Summer & Bird
    5) Prophecy
    6) Witchlanders

    1. That's all right - congratulations! Let me know what book you would like and your snail mail address. (Feel free to email me -

    2. Hello Ma'am I tried to send you an email but it said it was not delivered, both the L and the C are capitalized right?

  2. Holy smokes, that was pretty speedy firebringer!

    1. HAHA thank you! had to make a few tough guesses on 1 and 2!

  3. I didn't know any of the books although I could've made a good guess.


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