Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shameless Memory

Yeah, my memory is less shameless and more shameful these days. I totally forgot to post these lovely updates last weekend! Although I think you'll all cut me some slack. In addition to moving into a new house (tomorrow) I'm in the home stretch of one of the craziest deadlines of my writing career (writing and editing a complete draft of my next book in 8 weeks...) So yeah, my brain is mush.

But enough about me!!!

First up, the very lovely Dawn Metcalf has a new book deal to announce!
Natashya Wilson at Harlequin Teen has bought INVIOLATE and INVINCIBLE by Dawn Metcalf, the third and fourth titles in the Twixt series for teens. The books will continue the story of a girl who is accidentally marked by a mysterious boy to whom she becomes indelibly bound, finding herself caught between the world of the Folk and the world of humans. Publication is scheduled for summer 2015 and summer 2016; Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights.
How awesome is that? You can read more about Dawn's new books, along with her experiences finding a new agent, and having two books pushed back several months, over at her blog.

Meanwhile, THE SHADOW THRONE, the final book of the Ascendance trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen, is in stores now! Kirkus says, "From one cliffhanging episode to the next, wily Jaron’s rebellious, undisciplined spirit carries the day as he battles to save everything he holds dear." I know all of Jennifer's fans have been waiting with bated breath for this finale. I know I have!

So that's it for this week. I'll actually be back next week with another set of long as I survive all the chaos. Ciao!


  1. Good luck with the move!!

  2. Congrats to Dawn and Jennifer! And I hope you take the time to try and do something a bit unstressful w/all the craziness going on- like a big bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar all to yourself! =)


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