Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall YA Fantasy Covers: Gorgeous & Eerie

Fantasy covers for a young-adult audience tend to go with the flow—specifically, flowing dresses and hair. This year’s gorgeous fall covers have some of that—okay, a lot of it—but most of those we collected go off in various cool directions.

LOTS of cool directions.  Early on, we despaired of finding any common themes at all.  But then we looked closer and noticed . . . The Bare Shoulder. 

Yes! *fist pump*

These stunning covers are from books with pub dates between July and December 2013. We defined “young adult” as written for teens 12 and older.

The covers start after the "read more" jump. As always, if we missed one you wish we’d caught, please link to it in the comments. And—as always—we want to know your favorites!

Is there something crawling on my shoulder? 
There is, isn’t there?

Perhaps it’s a tendril of something.

Do you smell fire?

Let’s stay in the water just in case.

Stop looking at me like that.

You know, all glassy-eyed.

 Hands and glass are an unsettling combination, too.

I’m not sure these birds mean well.

But I can fight them with this sword . . .

. . . Or that marvelous dagger.

 Good thing there are two of us.

Because this eerie light is freaking me out.

Also that evil-looking edifice.

But what awesome art!

Fantastic fonts!

Iconic images!


 And, of course . . . flowing dresses and hair!



Ellen Booraem's latest is TEXTING THE UNDERWORLD (Penguin/Dial, August 2013, the story of a scaredy-cat South Boston boy and a neophyte banshee.  Ellen also is the author of THE UNNAMEABLES and SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS. She lives in Downeast Maine with an artist, a dog, and a cat, one of whom is a practicing curmudgeon. She's online at


  1. Hard to choose a favorite, isn't it? I want one from each category. If I were pressed to choose, I'd probably narrow it down to Breaking Glass, Coldest Girl in Coldtown, and Horizon (gotta love that flaming yet flowing gown). Ask me again an hour from now and I'd have a whole different list. *sigh*

    1. Have I told you recently how just how much I love you, Ellen? Also--a few of those covers you picked were designed by me as well--SWAMP ANGEL, my own BREAKING GLASS, OBSIDIAN PEBBLE and AWOKEN. I think you missed one of my fave designs--it is a book that is actually releasing tomorrow (if I missed it excuse me--you've blinded me with awesome here). It's called EXTRACTED by Sherry Ficklin and Tyler Jolley and it is terrific! Thanks again for doing this--I guess I know what we should be doing for December on Scene 13!

  2. I LOVED Breaking Glass! Can't wait for Defy and Warrior!

    1. Oh--and I love you, too, Jen. Enjoying the FALSE PRINCE right now!!

  3. Oops... sorry I missed EXTRACTED. Here's a link to the spectacular cover: You really are a talented designer, Lisa--and writer, of course!

    I adored The False Prince, and The Runaway King is on my TBR pile--my prize at the end of this round of research reading!

  4. I'm intrigued by Teardrop and still need to get to Coldest Girl in Cold Town.

  5. THAT is an epic collection of covers. Whew! Love it. To pick a favorite or two or ten would be pretty much impossible, but the first one that grabbed me by the throat was Teardrop.

  6. So many gorgeous covers! I've read Breaking Glass, The Dream Thieves and The Enchanted Heir and they were all fantastic! I'm looking forward to reading coldest Girl in Cold Town and Warrior -- and I'll be adding many of these to my TBR pile!

  7. Yeah, that Teardrop cover rocks. I'd love to have watched that one being created. And I'm looking forward to Warrior, too!

  8. I recommend this book to all that love bad to the bone women, evil Kings, handsome dudes and all kinds of monsters and what not! Oh and doggers :) Enjoy!

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