The Enchanted Inkpot is a community for writers and readers of high, historical, traditional and cross-genre fantasy intended for middle-grade and young adult readers. Membership is open to the following:

Published or agented authors (publisher must be listed in CWIM, agents must be listed in CWIM, AgentQuery, or other recognized agency listing)

Editor – an editor at a publisher listed in CWIM who edits MG/YA fantasy

Agent – an agent listed in CWIM who reps clients who write MG/YA fantasy

Scholar – an academic at an accredited university whose field of expertise is fantasy.

If you would like to be considered for membership, please send an email to enchantedinkpot [at] gmail [dot] com, explaining how you fulfill the membership requirements (ie. the agent that represents you, what book you have or will publish, what university or field of research you're in).  The membership coordinator will respond within a week.

As a member, you are expected to participate when you can in discussion, as well as contributing at least two posts each year relating to the MG and YA fantasy books we love to read, and serving as blog admin once every two years.

There is an annual $5 membership fee, which goes toward web maintenance and prize packs for giveaways.

Of course, The Enchanted Inkpot welcomes all followers. Link to our site, as content is updated regularly and we love yakking it up about good reads! Anonymous commenting is allowed, please just identify yourself with a handle.

Cheers and welcome!