Saturday, August 18, 2012


Seriously, we are EXPLODING with shamelessness this week: lists, sales, appearances AND a cover reveal.  But you'll have to wait for that one...

This week, books by two Inkies, GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers and THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer Nielsen were named to the 2012 ABC Best Books for Children.

Elizabeth C. Bunce has two books receiving accolades this week.  LIAR'S MOON has been named a 2012 Kansas Notable Book by the State Library of Kansas. This is Elizabeth's third such award - a rare achievement for a Kansas author. In addition, STARCROSSED is one of 25 books for young adults included on Oprah's 2012 Summer Reading List at

MORE FABULOUS LISTS!!!  Cinda Chima Williams's fall release, The Crimson Crown, was named to Kirkus Reviews' Top Ten Children's and Teen Books for Fall!

I have a small announcement of my own this week, ahem:
Gretchen McNeil's POSSESS, in which a teen exorcist must find a way to stop the wave of demonic possessions sweeping her town, to Sebastian Aloi's La Lune Entertainment and Carly Norris, by Holly Frederick at Curtis Brown.

Now, on to appearances!  Lena Coakley will be speaking at two conferences this fall.  From October 19-21she will be attending the SCBWI Fall Retreat in Ottawa, where she will be giving a talk entitled Write the Book That Will Change Your Life about how writers can navigate the fine line between following the market and following their passion.  There she will also be receiving her 2012 Crystal Kite Award for the Americas region.  On November 7th, Lena will be giving an intensive workshop on writing fantasy at the 28th annual CANSCAIP Packaging Your Imagination conference.  She will cover general writing techniques such as plotting and character building, as well as techniques specific to fantasy such as worldbuilding.

Plus Caroline Hooton will be at DragonCon 31st August - 3rd September and I'm doing a number of YA panels, including:

- Whitewashing of YA - A look at minorities and their portrayal in YA;
- Beyond Hunger Games: Dystopias in YA
- Under The Covers - What is an Author's Best Friend?
- My Monster Boyfriend - What is the Special appeal of the supernatural love interest, be it demons, angels, vampires, ghosts or aliens?

Okay, I know you've been waiting.  Ready for the cover reveal?  Here's the much anticipated sequel to Anna Staniszewski's MY VERY UN-FAIRY TALE LIFE, MY EPIC FAIRY TALE FAIL!!!!!

PHEW!  Crazy week, right?  We're so awesome.  :)

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  1. Yay, love all the good news. Congrats, everyone! :-)


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