Monday, August 27, 2012

What We're Reading

One of the truly great things about being a writer is that reading and discovering new books is just part of the job. Could there be any greater reason to become a workaholic? Here are some of the books the Inkies are enjoying, er, working hard at - right now…

Jennifer Nielsen (your host for today!)

Much of my reading right now is for research on two upcoming books I’ll be writing. But just for fun, I’m about to dig into Shannon Hale’s PALACE OF STONE. I loved PRINCESS ACADEMY and this one looks even better!

William Alexander

Right at this moment I'm reading Tiffany Trent's THE UNNATURALISTS (grand so far) and Ted Naifeh's COURTNEY CRUMRIN comics (delicious).

Erin Cashman

I just finished two fantastic inkpot books! I loved THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer Nielsen! This thrilling novel has wonderful characters, a suspenseful plot and great writing. I couldn't put it down! 
And THE LANGUAGE OF SOULS by Lena Goldfinch. This wonderful novella has it all - mystery, suspense and romance. An enchanting story I hated to see end!

Laura McCaffrey

I'm reading Paolo Bacigalupi's THE DROWNED CITIES, which is a companion YA novel to SHIP BREAKER. This is a dark, gritty novel, and 
yet I can't put it down. It resonates particularly because of the orphaned children struggling to survive in a war-torn country, with few adults to protect or guide them – like so many of the orphaned children in war zones we see on the news.

Lisa Amowitz

I am reading THRONE OF 
GLASS by Sarah Maas and totally loving it. I also read Maggie 
Stiefvater's RAVEN BOYS and think it is the best thing she has ever written and consider it YA literature of the highest order, not just a good read. I also have on my to read list THE DEMON KING by Cinda Chima, and SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo.

Phillipa Bayliss

I'm absolutely loving A YEAR OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY by Barbara Abercrombie. Anne Lamott's BIRD 
BY BIRD is going to have to make space in my heart for my new best friend. I've also just started Kenneth Oppel's THIS DARK ENDEAVOUR and 
am in reader-heaven.

Keely Parrack

I've just finished reading HEART OF DARKNESS, and am halfway through WOLF HALL - some adult reading for a change!

Shelley Moore Thomas

I am reading SERAPHINA by Rachel Hartman.  It is a lyrical almost poetic take on dragons filled with intrigue and wonder. So beautifully imagined!

Ellen Booraem

I just finished GREGOR AND THE CURSE OF THE WARMBLOODS, the third book in Suzanne Collins's highly adventuresome Underland Chronicles, the fifth and last of which came out just before THE HUNGER GAMES. I pick them up as I see them, and they never disappoint. Right now I'm reading A CLASH OF KINGS, second in the Game of Thrones series. (Hey, it's August.) Next up is Paul Doiron's THE POACHER'S SON, a murder mystery set in my home state of Maine--I've had my eye on it for a while.

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  1. I'm reading Darkfall by Janic Hardy, gonna be so sad to see the Healing Wars series end but it's been a really good one!


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