Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Books About Awesome Aliens

I just love aliens, so I decided to come up with a list of some books about aliens at different age levels. This is a random list! It is not a “best of” list or a “favorites” list or anything aiming to be definitive. I just want to highlight some kids’ books about aliens, a subject that will never, ever get old for me! I’ve only read a few of them so far, and I can’t wait to read the rest. Personally, I prefer books where the aliens are the good guys. Call me naïve, but I hope that if humans ever do encounter aliens, they won’t be trying to kill us. Will they look just like the hottest boy in school? Well, I’m not that hopeful :). But they might speak with Australian accents …

Middle Grade:

1. Herbert’s Wormhole (series) by Peter Nelson and Rohitash Rao. Three friends travel to the future and meet the friendly, wig-wearing G’Daliens who speak in Australian accents for no particular reason. Except—awesome!

2. Aliens on Vacation (series) by Clete Smith. A boy discovers that his grandma’s boring bed and breakfast is really an inn for aliens. Way more interesting than a regular inn, if you ask me.

3. The Fellowship for Alien Detection by Kevin Emerson. Two kids must use their wits to unravel an alien plot and stop the invasion!


4. Roswell High (series) by Melinda Metz. The hottest guy in school is an alien. Enough said.

5. Obsidian (series) by Jennifer Armentrout. Another hot alien guy! Like I said in the intro, I’m not counting on it, but it would be cool if it happened.

6. Rush (series) by Eve Silver. A girl is kidnapped from her life and forced to kill aliens for reasons she doesn’t understand.

Picture Books about Aliens:

7. The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara, illustrated by Mark Fearing. The Three Little Pigs except with aliens. In case you were sick of pigs and love aliens!

8. Baloney (Henry P.) by John Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith. Henry P. Baloney is an alien who is always late for school and has lots of excuses.

9. Aliens Love Underpants (series) by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Ben Cort. Aliens come to Earth to steal people’s underpants. Some of the aliens are green and some are orange, but they’re all from strange planets that lack underpants.

Classic Alien Book:

10. The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher. I wanted to write about newer books, but I couldn’t write about alien books without mentioning the Tripods. I don’t know if this was my first alien book, but I remember it that way. The worst thing about the tripod aliens was that they took away your free will. The coolest thing was the giant tripods. And the fact that they came from outer space—that too!

Well, there you have it. Ten books about aliens! Does anyone have a favorite alien book?

Mary G. Thompson is the author of Wuftoom and her own alien book, Escape from the Pipe Men!

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  1. Some cool books to try - thanks Mary! One of my favorite alien tales is a short story and I can't remember who it's by or it's title but an alien ship lands on our planet. They land full of death or glory let's conquer this world bravado - and then are promptly eaten by a dog. They are tiny aliens!

  2. One of my favorites is yours, Mary! I loved Escape From the Pipemen!

  3. Thanks, Erin! Keely, that story sounds awesome! Does anyone know the name??

  4. Great! Now I have a summer reading list. Thanks so much, Mary.

  5. I read Herbert's Wormhole last year and The Fellowship for Alien Detection this year. Both were fun! :)

  6. Almost all of these are new to me -- can't wait to look them up! My favourite alien books growing up were the (agreed -- awesome!) Tripod books, the Zenna Henderson stories, and basically anything by Bruce Coville. (-: More recently, I really enjoyed Hatke's Zita the Spacegirl books and Fearing's Earthling!

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