Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Line Mix & Match - with prizes!

Update: We have a winner - the prize goes to SilentPages! But everyone else should totally play just for fun.

Below are five first lines, and five books. Can you match each first line with the book it belongs to? The first person to match them all correctly will get a signed copy of the book of their choice!

(And we're on the honor system - no looking them up! You can do it from memory or try to figure it out. Some of these are easy ones... next time, we might make it a bit more challenging...)

Ready... set...


1. "
Consuela wrestled with an armload of jeans, trying to catch the hangers on insufficient hooks."

2. "She knew every inch of the forest, every narrow path that twisted and wound its way beneath the silver branches."

3. "I awoke tied to a chair.”

4. "The eunuchs said the windows were ceiling height to allow the concubines their privacy, but Jin Lian knew it was also a way to keep them trapped."

5. "Last June, my parents jumped off a roof because of a pinky ring."



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