Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ridiculous Shamelessness

Sorry for the lateness of this post: yesterday was sort of insane for me, and I was going to pre-write the post on Friday but there was a day job meltdown so...yeah.

ANYWAY!  Good things come to those who wait, and today we have an AMAZING line up of shameless news!!!!

First, a new sale by Anna Staniszewski was just annouced!
MY VERY UN-FAIRY TALE LIFE author Anna Staniszewski's DOGOSAURUS REX, about a boy who comes home from the pound with a most exceptional new dog, to Sally Doherty at Holt, by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency (World).
How freaking adorable does that sound?????

Megan Crewe's newest release THE WAY WE FALL has been tearing up bookshelves, and critics are practically falling over themselves to offer praise:
"This is the kind of book that makes you look up in alarm when someone near you sniffles. It viscerally conveys the horror of sudden, brutal illness and the struggle between being humane and saving your own skin." -Booklist

"Short chapters and brisk pacing keep the reader hooked. As might be expected, there are both ghastly and sorrowful scenes as the virus destroys friends and family members. But in the midst of all the horror and sadness, Kaelyn... evolves from a quiet girl who keeps a journal on coyotes to a strong young woman dedicated to helping the sick and searching for a cure. -VOYA

"Told in Kaelyn’s letters to her former best friend, the book offers a compellingly tight focus, relating the town’s descent into chaos with heartbreakingly vivid details.... The inclusion of more quotidian elements, such as Kaelyn’s emerging romance with a local boy and her reconciliation with a former foe, make the survival story even more harrowing." -BCCB
In celebration, Megan is offering signed bookplates and bookmarks to readers worldwide for the first month of THE WAY WE FALL's release (so, until Feb 24th). Details here!

THE CABINET OF EARTHS by Anne Nesbet is also getting some rave reviews, including one from Horn Book which calls Anne's debut "a-shimmer with magic."

In addition to fantastic reviews, we have a few Inkie books on "top ten" lists right now!  Sybil Nelson's PRISCILLA THE GREAT: BRING THE PAIN made it to the top ten hot new releases in children's books on Amazon; THE SHADOWS, volume one of Jacqueline West's middle grade fantasy series THE BOOKS OF ELSEWHERE, has been selected for the 2013 Illinois Bluestem Award Master List, and volume two of the series, SPELLBOUND, is a finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards in the Young People's Literature category; and WITCHLANDERS by Lena Coakley has been selected by the OLA (Ontario Library Association) for the Best Bets for Children and Young Adults list, Canada’s version of the YALSA booklists.  WOO HOO!!!!

And not to be left out, foreign rights have been sold for Jennifer A. Nielsen's ASCENDANCE trilogy, beginning with THE FALSE PRINCE (Scholastic, Apr `12) to La Galera in the Catalan language (primarily spoken in Andorra, and parts of France and Spain). THE FALSE PRINCE is also an Indie Next Book Pick for Spring `2012. In its review, The Horn Book wrote, "This book should appeal to fans of Megan Whalen Turner and Suzanne Collins as well as to readers not quite ready for those authors yet; its brisk pacing underscores the sure-fire mix of adventure, mystery, and suspense."

*happy sigh*  This has been one of those week's where I'm ridiculously proud to be an Inkie!

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